Engaging Students

Mr. Pane engages his students in his lesson in many ways. First, he asks questions that his students respond to out loud. Mr. Pane also related the topic to something that the students were familiar with. He used quotes from spiderman to enphasize his claim in the lecture. Also, the students discussed for a couple of minutes which gave them the opportunity to listen to each others different opinions. Mr. Pane also engaged his students by having them create their own super hero citizens and by making their own comics with pictures of them and of the character they created. Finally, Mr. Pane assembled a gallery walk for the students to see each others comics and see the different conflicts that happen on the internet.

The superheroes resolved dilemmas such as cyberbullying and scams on the internet.

In my classroom, I might use gallery walks so that the students can share their work and see different perspectives whether it be art or a research project. I believe that gallery walks help students see that there are many ways that the assignment can be interpreted and everyone has different opinions.


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