Multimedia Publishing

The media has become a significant part of todays society. Teens especially have become so familiar with the technology around them. Because technology is the norm to many students, technology has become a great resource to use in the classroom. In the article “Podcasting, Screencasting, and Live Streaming” the author talks about different media teachers can incorporate in their classrooms.

The first he talked about was Podcasts. There are various podcasts that can be used in the classroom. He says there are nearly 1,000 different educational related shows. Podcasts are great for low budget schools who cannot afford radio. The author tells us that podcasts can be used in a World Language, Social Studies,  and even in a Music class. On the Scholastic website I found 9 great podcasts that I could use in the future with my students. The one that stood out the most for me was ESL Teacher Talk. As future bilingual elementary teacher, I know that I will have many ESL students. This podcast gives great advice to ESL teachers and has recourses for ESL students to use.

Another great media that is discussed in “Podcasting, Screencasting, and Live Streaming” is video publishing. One of the most known video publishing websites is As a future elementary teacher, I think it is important to add visual aids in the classroom in order to engage the students. Finding videos on Youtube that are fun and relate to the lecture is something that I would like to do in my classroom. I can use songs, poems, or silly scientists on Youtube to make my lesson more engaging.

Finally, “Podcasting, Screencasting, And Live Streaming” talked about live streaming. One of the biggest live streaming websites is Skype is a free app that lets you video call anywhere in the world. I think using a live streaming app such as Skype in my classroom would be good to talk to influential people that relate to what we are doing in the classroom. For example in a video that we watched earlier this term in class should an elementary classroom skyping with the inventor of MindCraft. The inventor talked with the students and the students were able to ask questions. Live streaming is a great free way to talk to people around the world that will help in the classroom.


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