Introductory Concepts

In recent discussion of technology in the classrooms, a controversial issue has been whether or not teachers should incorporate technology in their classrooms. On the one hand, some argue that technology helps students connect with other students and experts around the world.From this perspective, students have the ability to connect with people they never thought they could. On the other hand, however, others argue that paper and pencil is sufficient in a classroom. According to this view, paper is the most accessible tool for students and teachers can even use their paper work for exit slips. In sum then, the issue is whether technology should be used in classrooms or not.

My own view is that students can benefit from using technology in the classroom. Though I concede that technology can become a distraction if it is used inappropriately, I maintain that students can learn a lot from using technology in the classroom. For example, students can Skype an expert on a specific topic that is being taught in class. Although some might object that time differences would interfere, I would reply that for the students, we can find someone in our time zone who is willing to Skype. The issue is important to me because as a future teacher, there will be even more types of technology and if it can benefit my students, I would want to use it in my classroom.


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